How to play?

Ethermon is a blockchain game that collects monsters on Ethereum.
You can always enjoy if you only have MetaMask installed on the Desktop.
Don't worry.
All collected monster codes, CP, stat information are stored securely in Ethereum Blockchain.

All data is safely stored in this Contract.
Anyone can check it out at any time.
Even if you are not on this site, you can trade monsters directly.

If you have any questions, please contact us
CP means Combat Point.
Higher CP means stronger monster. (Which will be used in Ethermon Battle in next updates.)

All monsters have Attack, Defense, and Stamina stats.
These stats are also made up of race stats and genetic stats.
CP is calculated as follows.

Until the ninth generation, the following rules applies.
Gen Additional CP
Gen 0+500
Gen 1+450
Gen 2+400
Gen 3+350
Gen 4+300
Gen 5+250
Gen 6+200
Gen 7+150
Gen 8+100
Gen 9+50

And CP increases further depending on the background color.
Additional CP
The following is the probability information given in Ethermon's GeneScience contract. When Gen 0 is born, or crosses between two monsters, a monster is born based on the following probability.
(When crossing two monsters, a 20% chance a monster like a parent can be born.)